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As it uses a technique called knotless knitting, or single needle knitting. They were made using three-ply wool. It is also the time for the emergence of knitting guilds. These were male dominated fellowships that were established to help improve the quality of the knitting profession and make the garments more attractive to wealthier and stable clients. The Elizabethan period in Britain enabled the more recent history of knitting to be easily determined.

The fashion of the time, fitted stockings worn by men under short trunks, helped in the development and this particular item of knitted clothing was exported all over Europe. Moving on to more modern times, the history of knitting is much better documented, especially in Britain. The Industrial Revolution and two World Wars provide plenty of documentary evidence as to the development of knitting. Beginners, intermediates, advanced and even professional knitters can all benefit from regular visits to our site. Knitting is a fun thing to do, and the garments you create will make anyone proud.

January 26, Editorial team 1. January 26, Editorial team 0. January 22, Editorial team 2. February 22, Editorial team 0. February 7, Editorial team 0. Knitting schools were established as a way of providing an income to the poor. The fashion of the period, requiring men to wear short trunks, made fitted stockings a fashion necessity. Stockings made in England were sent to the Netherlands , Spain , and Germany. Many elaborate designs were developed, such as the cable stitch used on Aran sweaters , which was developed in the early 20th century in Ireland.

Knitting was such an important occupation among those living on the Scottish Isles during the 17th and 18th centuries that whole families were involved in making sweaters, accessories, socks, stockings, etc. Sweaters were essential garments for the fishermen of these islands because the natural oils within the wool provided some element of protection against the harsh weather encountered while out fishing.

The stocking frame or mechanical knitting machine was invented in by William Lee, an English clergyman. After receiving a pair of black stockings from William, Queen Elizabeth I ultimately declined to grant him a patent for his invention. She complained that his machine made wool stockings that were far too coarse for royal ankles. The inventor moved to Rouen where he built a stocking factory. Before long, the French spread the knitting loom throughout Europe. Framework knitting was predominantly performed at home, often with the entire family participating.

The city of Nottingham , particularly the district known as Lace Market , was a major producer of machine-knitted lace. Leicestershire and neighboring counties had long had an association with the hosiery industry. This continued particularly growing with the invention of portable circular knitting machines.

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Machines could be hired and worked from home rather than relying on a large stocking frame or the much slower hand knitting. One manufacturer of these machines was Griswold, often called Griswold knitting machines, the design of this English sock machine originates from the British inventors, Hainsworth and Griswold.

Some framework knitters were among the Luddites , who resisted the transition to factories. By the middle of the nineteenth century, the knitting industry had still not made the transition to factories. By the mid-nineteenth century, hand knitting was declining as part of the knitting industry, but was increasing as a hobby. During World War I, men, women, and children knitted large quantities of clothing and accessories to help the war effort on the Allied side, supplementing the troop's uniforms with socks, hats, scarves, sweaters, mufflers, and balaclavas.

Knitting and women's magazines along with the Red Cross published pamphlets and patterns specifically for sailors and troops. Popular magazines and songs treated knitting as a craze that had swept over Britain in the effort to support the military forces. After the White Russians ' defeat in the Civil War , many units retreated into China's Xinjiang and were interned there.

As China was about to descend into a civil war of its own , the Russian internees were transported by camel caravans to Eastern China. According to Owen Lattimore , it was then that they passed on the art of knitting to the Chinese caravan men, who had ready supply of camel hair from their animals. In , Lattimore was able to observe camel-pullers "knitting on the march; if they ran out of yarn , they would reach back to the first camel of the file they were leading, pluck a handful of hair from the neck, and roll it in their palms into the beginning of a length of yarn; a weight was attached to this, and given a twist to start it spinning, and the man went on feeding wool into the thread until he had spun enough yarn to continue his knitting.

The s saw a vast increase in the popularity of knitwear in much of the western world. The late teens and early s saw a fashion for knitted neckties. Knitwear was often associated with sport and leisure. Both Fair Isle and Argyle styles have since been associated with the sport. High fashion also embraced knitwear, with Coco Chanel making prominent use of it and Vogue magazine featuring patterns.

Before the s, the majority of commercial knitting in the Western world had centered around production of underwear, socks and hosiery. This vastly expanded as the public taste for knitted fashion did also. Both hand and machine knitting were commercially active on a large scale prior to the Great Depression. Conditions of trench warfare lead to a shortage of socks in particular, and the Allied home front was encouraged to support the troops by knitting.

Home knitting grew in popularity, especially as fashion fully embraced knitwear. Companies started, or expanded, to meet the demands of home knitters, producing patterns, yarn, and tools. The prominence of knitwear in fashion of the s continued, but reflected the changes of fashion. Combining traditional methods in new ways became more common and new technologies such as zip fasteners began to be used in knitwear. New synthetic yarns started to become available.

The hardship experienced by many during the Great Depression meant some turned to knitting through necessity. It was much cheaper to knit your own garments than to buy hand or even machine knitted products. Skills were needed for repairs to existing garments, socks and underwear.

Patterns, now often included in popular women's magazines frequently reflected this need. Socks with replaceable toes and heels were common. Some hobby knitters took to part-time work, hand-knitting for extra income. The s also saw a rise in the popularity of commercial machine knitting.

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Much commercially sold knitwear during the s was hand-knitted, however the costs of this and other pressures of the time saw a large shift in consumers towards cheaper machine knitted products. Get popular posts from Top Knitting blogs delivered directly to your email inbox. Continue with Google. Continue with Facebook. Top Knitting blogs. Knitting Newsletter Knitting newsletter is a comprehensive summary of the day's most important blog posts and knitting news articles from the best Knitting websites on the web, and delivered to your email inbox each morning.

Subscribe newsletter. NobleKnits Knitting Blog USA About Blog This knitting blog includes lot of knitting inspiration, and knitting projects that are meant to be completed in little more than a weekend. Mason Dixon Knitting Blog New York City About Blog Mason-Dixon Knitting brings together wonderful designers, great writers, and a community of knitters all over the world coming together with a shared love of knitting, yarn, and good design.

Reddit Knitting About Blog Get latest patterns, tutorials, techniques shared by knitters across the reddit. Craftgossip Knitting Patterns, projects and techniques About Blog CraftGossip has got news, reviews and ideas from the craft world in different categories like sewing, knitting, crochet, quilting, lesson plans, needlework, bath and body and heaps more. Repeat Crafter Me by Sarah Zimmerman About Blog A wife and mom of 3 my days are busy but I always find time to pick up my crochet hook or indulge in something crafty.

Fringe Association Knitting ideas, inspiration and free patterns, plus crochet, weaving, and more Berkeley - Nashville About Blog 'Fringe Association' is knowing about the crazy, warm, wonderful world of yarn. Kate Davies Designs Blog Scotland About Blog You can read pieces exploring a wide range of topics in textile history and design from Kate, and enjoy recipes photography and tutorials from Tom. Crochet, crafting, knitting, scrapbooking, cross stitch, jewelry making, needlepoint for all skill levels. A knitwear designer and knitting teacher, Staci combine her skills to create patterns with video tutorials that ease knitters into advanced techniques.

Blog links to knitting patterns and tutorials to take your knitting skills to the next level. In addition to being a fiber arts blogger, I am also a pattern designer, as well as a crochet and knitting instructor at my local yarn store. This blog is my creative space to share my passion for crochet, knitting, and all things fiber. A small knitting business based in Edinburgh, founded by designer Ysolda Teague, selling knitting pattern pdfs, books and a carefully selected range of yarns and accessories. My name is June Gilbank and I am a crochet pattern designer, writer, blogger, and multi-crafter.

My crochet specialties are cute and realistic nature-inspired designs and elegant accessories, and I'm committed to creating exceptionally clear, accurate patterns and tutorials. I've been designing and publishing crochet patterns since January , and I've run my business full-time since January I hope you'll enjoy my crochet patterns and tutorials! Our mission at Authentic Knitting Board is to provide the best quality products, and to share and educate about the Knitting Board process.

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We work with other providers of, yarns, and patterns in order to offer our customers and friends the best knowledge available. We will continually strive to develop and promote new and innovative patterns from all dependable sources. I'm Kathryn Vercillo and this is my crochet blog. It's designed to offer you a wealth of information about all aspects of crochet.

My hope is to inspire you to enjoy the craft in new ways, appreciating all of the diverse aspects that this 'hobby' has to offer.

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In addition to information about crochet health, you will find a variety of other crochet stuff here. I try to cover the whole gamut of the craft, sharing the most interesting things possible as often as I can. After many years of buying fabrics, owner Heather Peterson decided to turn her passion into a business. Girl Charlee Fabrics was born with a mission to provide everyone access to the highest quality knit fabrics and sewing patterns at the best possible prices. Girl Charlee is based in sunny Los Angeles, California. They are best known for their original, colourful and visually striking designs as well as their craft books.

Today, they design for and work closely with Rowan, Regia and Schachenmayr yarns. I'm Brittany and this is my blog where I share knitting patterns, crochet patterns, and other random craft tutorials. I hope you are able to find some inspiration while you're here. I firmly believe that creativity is contagious and I want to help you catch the bug.

My blog is about all things knitting, spinning, dyeing, and weaving. Based in Vancouver, Canada, we design and distribute an exclusive collection of hand-dyed yarns of fine merino wool, silk, mohair, and cashmere in every weight from lace and sock to sweater and chunky yarns. Plucky offers a wide range of both repeatable and limited edition colors on a variety of custom luxury bases, in multiple weights and fiber content.

Our yarns are custom milled to my specifications and are available only to Plucky. In a mass produced world, Plucky yarns are exclusive and unique. I'm Christine. I live in Winwick, a small village in Cheshire, and this is where I write about what makes me happy: my family, knitting, gardening, home-making, enjoying the outdoors. I hope your visit makes you happy too! She share her current knitting project alongside whatever she happen to be reading that week and invite you to do the same if you're into that sort of thing. She call it the Yarn Along!!

I love the written word, cozy knits, international travel, domestic pleasures, my quirky british husband, and my two little kids. I help knitters and crafters get inspired by sharing modified knitting projects, round ups of craft ideas and recipes, and reflections on the crafting life. She's been on tv and teaches classes online at Craftsy. She enjoys designing one- and two-skein patterns that are quick knitting, easy enough to be fun, and difficult enough to keep her interest.

In that vein, she has designed patterns for AllFreeKnitting and Crucci brand yarns, and some of her knits have been featured on the Berroco yarn blog and in Knitsy magazine. Anna creates artwork and animations with her knitted world, projects that have been exhibited around the US, in Europe, and Asia. Mochimochi Land was launched in as a place where knitted toys and people can live together in a spirit of tolerance.

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I'm Andrea and I design modern, wearable knits, with a focus on indulging in fun techniques! Here on my blog you can get a sneak peek into my design process and the ramblings of a yarn obsessed mama who spends all of her time knitting. My aim is to make finding the perfect pattern is as easy as pie! Simply Maggie sharing ideas, tips and helpful thoughts on everyday chores.

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Brings you DIY video and picture tutorials for the latest Arm Knitting trends and patterns, home remodel and decor tips and ideas. Thank you for visiting The Gift Of Knitting, a place where yarn turns into stitches and stitches turn into well, basically anything that my imagination comes up with!

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Here she share her knitting and crochet experiments, interviews with crafters from all over the world and lots of yarn pictures. Learn something new with my step-by step photo tutorials and free patterns. I share my seamstress successes, but also my fashion fails. There will be a lot of helpful tips and tricks, patterns and instructions along the way. You can check out my tutorials and make your own handmade things or track my progress in sewing my own wardrobe. They're designed to have a retro look but feature modern techniques. I've been knitting since and crocheting since I knit my first sweater in , and I started designing in Yarn is our passion!

Our shelves brimming full with the very best brands from around the world. Today we are delighted to bring our local customers a select range of top quality brands from around the world and to tempt them with home-grown offerings from local hand dyers, spinners and mills. Designers of unique and modern knitted toys that your family and friends will love.

There are hundreds of knitting patterns to choose from. I think of my Hat designs as sculptures and 3D objects. I build them in my head, then construct them with my hands. We have a huge selection of natural hand-dyed yarns as well as the basics. We have a brilliant selection of haberdashery and publications as well as a huge range of classes from beginners to master classes with visiting teachers.

Where you'll find up-to-the-minute updates on all the TFA goings on! We are always working on developing new patterns and are experimenting with new yarn bases all the time! Get updates on our latest yarns and patterns and read interesting news about everything to do with knitting and crochet. I am an avid machine knitter and doing all I can to spread machine knitting joy. Get details on machine knitting, free patterns, videos, lessons, tips, and links.

After a successful career in healthcare, she began indulging her love for knitting by selling her patterns and handknits in local stores. She recently gave into fate and picked up her needles full time, becoming the driving force behind the opening of ImagiKnit. We specialize in yarn of all fibers, thicknesses and textures. She first launched Katherine Lee Knitwear, her finished knitwear line, featuring hand-loomed sweaters and accessories made in luxurious fibers, like Peruvian Baby Alpaca.

And then came Sweaterbabe. She loves to knit, crochet, spin and has even dabbled on the knitting machine. Blog teaching knitting techniques from sweater construction and design to blocking and gauge. Sharing Knitting Education and Inspiration! Building a family life and sharing via tutorials, patterns and projects. She specializes in sweater design and sharing her love of the much-maligned subjects of gauge and blocking. I'm Phil. Here is my blog, all about knitting and crocheting colour into my home in the Oxfordshire countryside.

I also write a quarterly column for Simply Knitting magazine. All things yarn and knitting are our forte and we are here to keep you up to date with the most beautiful hand dyed yarns, the latest patterns and the most exciting innovative tools on the market. Obsessed with knitting, sharing a listing of all his many adventures and misadventures in passion that has overtaken him since he was 25 years old. So much so we are compelled to compose knitting patterns that take advantage of all of our yarns best qualities.

We also love teaching and sharing the love of crafting! We host lots of classes here at the cafe and are always available to trouble shoot knit-trials, large and small. I enjoy balancing my daily need to be creative with sharing my experiences and inspiration on this blog.

I have always had a passion for making useful things, whether they are knit, crocheted, sewn or randomly glued and assembled. I started Alaska Knit Nat in as a means to keep track of all the stuff I make. Alaska Knit Nat is a blog dedicated to sharing recipes, patterns, crafts and creativity. This is the place I share current and future projects and patterns as well as snippets of my life. Knitty has helped launch the careers of some of the most well-known and beloved handknitting pattern designers since We proudly seek out and encourage new talent and work to showcase their creativity in every issue.

A knitting addict. I don't plan to stop anytime soon. An obsessive knitter prattles on about the universe, life, and, of course, knitting, pattern making, and knitwear design. We can ship fuzzy mittens back home to our less fortunate friends and knit ourselves nice, lace weight tees in bright colors. Some are tweaks to knitting techniques you already use and some of them are new concepts - we call them 'Nuances'. You definitely do not have to be an expert knitter to hang out here, but we are a not learn to knit site so some basic knitting skills are necessary.

As ideas and patterns are announced on the blog, Bonus Materials are added as well that provide even more detail. Ever wanted to learn how to knit?

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Want to jump on the crochet trend? WATG are here to offer you the latest tutorials for on trend styles and techniques. From beginner's how to's to expert knitting techniques, we're here to help you become part of the gang. Our do-it-yourself kits contain everything you need to get started with knitting. Get crochet yarns and threads, patterns, hooks, books, buttons and accessories from all of your favourite crochet brands. This is my journey through motherhood, photography, the books I read, life in general and knitting, of course.