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Our teachers will get back to you and improve your learning results. This course will guide you through the ABRSM theory syllabus, from grade 1 to grade 5 and prepare you for the exams with easy-to-understand videos. Nicole DiPaolo Music Theory. See Nicole's profile. Step by Step Guidance. Take Lessons Home. Online Learning Support. Experienced Teachers.

Time to take that first step towards your musical dream. Musical Notes.

More on Scales. Introduction to Chords. Primary Chords. Quiz 1 practice exercise. Lecture One 22m. Introduction 32s. Keys and Key Signatures 12m. Minor Keys 9m. Intervals 6m. Ledger Lines and Clefs 4m. Reading 5 readings. Sharps and Flats. Keys and Key Signatures. Minor Keys.

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Ledger Lines and Clefs. Lecture Two 20m. Video 7 videos.

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Introduction 30s. Rhythmic Duration 3m. Tuplets 2m.

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Meter 4m. Anacrusis, Phrases and Structure 5m. Form 2m. Rhythmic Duration. Ties and Dots. Anacrusis, Phrases, and Structure. Lecture Three 24m. Introduction 19s.

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Listening 6m. Elaborating 6m. Building 6m. Harmonising 12m. At least with a working knowledge of theory, you can quickly get yourself into the right areas. Consider it a musical headstart. If you want to truly enjoy the benefits, you have to put the graft in. There is no TLDR version of music theory. Well, actually there is here , but even that will confuse you to start with.

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You have to play the long game. Accept that it will take you ages. Going too hard on the theory, and forgetting why you started in the first place, is an easy way to get into a rut. Remember what it is about playing your instrument that you like, and ring-fence that feeling. Remember as well that musical theory is only ever going to make you a better, more well-rounded player in the future. Journalist, PR and multimedia specialist. Write professionally on subjects ranging from musical instruments to industrial technology.