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Why start a shooting war when all you need is cash? I like quoting The Rutles. This reads like an allegory on corporate greed. He drops his keys and notices some of the carpet in front of his door has been cut out and replaced with paper. Underneath is a bear trap. It soon changes into a bowling ball and rolls away. Parker is on to the biggest story of his career.

Of course no one believe shim. Bowling balls have been spotted running around. Parker gets a notice. He breaks into their office and finds a room filled with clothes for men and women. Then he sees a collection of small but lifelike dolls in a box. Then…bowling balls. Later in a bar a woman sits next to him. Parker finds out about the alien invasion and how they plan to just buy everything and tear it down. He goes to the home of Fletcher Atwood. The aliens have an unusual odor and have a thing for perfume. Parker gets help from his girlfriend Joy. A thief tried to steal it. Earlier Parker captured some bowling balls and took them to a biologist friend.

Some changed form and escaped down a drain. Later Parker finds out that his friend is dead. This is a wonderfully strange and gentle invasion, as Simak would do, of course. Simak could be very subtle and still get his point across. With the way things are now this book should be read. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google account. The aliens say they do everything legally, but the money they use is not legal. They are counterfeit. Just tell that to the aliens, and they have to give up! Could have been a nice turn in the book. Mar 31, Jennn rated it really liked it Recommends it for: stacey. Shelves: fiction , I picked it up about a month or two ago, intrigued by the cigarette burns and yellowed pages that are red on edges, popular with old science fiction books.

How could I with a catchphrase on the cover that stated: spaceraiders determined to buy Earth roll relentlessly toward conquest! Simak has a bit of everything…everything ridiculous. Our hero is Parker Graves, a tough reporter that has a flair for inner monologues and contemplations, sometimes leading into poetry…sort of e. His gal, Joy, who goes into hysterics occasionally, but knows when to keep her mouth shut. And their ally, the talking dog, which Parker ingeniously names The Dog. The main problem in their town is that real estate and business are being bought out and then torn down for no reason.

People are suddenly losing their homes to much richer and unseen investors and things are getting desperate. One night as our protagonist stumbles his way home after a few too many drinks at the local bar, he finds a trap set out for him in front of his apartment. I got my hands under me and hoisted up my front and shook the stars away.

The bowling ball manages to roll away, though. He looks into it and then the bowling ball aliens start stalking him at his apartment. One great quote that came after being stalked, he was shaken up and thought that they were in his closet, so waxes some kind of poetics. For the closet is a part of man himself. Long story pages worth , short, so the bowling balls can take the form of people by somehow using dolls.

They become people and buy out companies hoping to rule the world and turn it into a resort-type hotel because of all the scents that are on Earth.

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So, stuff happens. So, he thinks it over, but decides to double-cross them and they find out about it, so they follow him in the car. The bowling man gets out of the car and goes crazy when he smells a skunk, like rolling all over the skunk as if it were a dog. So, Parker gets this idea because Joy had written a paper about this crazy old guy that kept skunks as pets.

He goes over there and talks to the guy, crazy guy believes him and they make a plan. The secret against the bowling balls is skunks. Bowling ball aliens love skunks. He lives and walks into town to find that the mansion these bowling balls were living in is burning down because Joy went crazy after the bowling balls called her and told her Parker was dead. Meanwhile, the crazy old coot went downtown and released the skunks.

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  7. Are you sure? Come on. Feb 04, Jason Bradley Thompson rated it it was amazing. And one of these ideas is that anyone should even think of trying to buy up the Earth. Conquer it -- most certainly, for that is an old and fine and traditional idea Destroy it -- that also is understandable But buying it was unthinkable. And it has to be a good one or they won't even touch it.

    Perhaps it didn't have to work anywhere except in the majority of the great industrial nations. Stylistically, the book reads like a hard-boiled detective novel, with sneaky investigations and mysterious dames. The aliens initially appear in the goofy form of black 'bowling balls' view spoiler [but turn out to be shapeshifters who can take any shape, including humans, blobs, or, importantly, piles of money hide spoiler ]. There's also a friendly alien, a talking dog, who assures the reader that there's nothing exactly as illogical as human capitalism anywhere in the universe.

    The ending tips the book towards comedy view spoiler [the aliens like interesting smells, so the hero uses skunks to defeat them hide spoiler ] , but the rest of the book is tense enough it's a welcome ending to this great novel. Oct 22, Jim Davis rated it it was amazing. I'm a big Simak fan and I'm surprised I missed this one. I'm sure Simak had his tongue at least slightly in his cheek when he wrote this and the results are terrific. When is the last time you read an alien invasion story where the villains are realtors shaped like bowling balls with a talking dog for a competitor.

    I'm not sure there are many writers who could have written an acceptable story based on those plot elements instead of a great story the way Simak has. I almost forgot the part about I'm a big Simak fan and I'm surprised I missed this one. I almost forgot the part about the skunks saving the world. It's part comedy, part serious SF alien invasion story with a few remarks about how bizarre the aliens find our capitalist business structure along with other human cultural activities.

    Clifford D. Simak

    Aug 09, Mel rated it really liked it Shelves: 20th-century-fiction , library , scifi. After several mediocre Simak book it was nice to be able to read one that reminded me why I liked him in the first place. This was great because it was a story about an alien invasion, but not a story about aliens with a military invasion but an economic one. An economic one which targeted the idea of ownership of property. It was a fantastic idea and told in the style of a 40s or 50s pulp adventure. The main character was a hard drinking newspaper man, and lived in that world and then thrown int After several mediocre Simak book it was nice to be able to read one that reminded me why I liked him in the first place.

    The main character was a hard drinking newspaper man, and lived in that world and then thrown into a science fiction adventure instead of a film noir.

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    There were also a couple women characters who did things. Mostly minor characters but still an improvement on the previous two books of his that I read. The aliens were bizarre and utterly alien. Definitely one I'm glad I read. Jul 26, William Cardini rated it it was amazing Shelves: category-novels , faves , new-read This book is written in the first-person POV of Patrick Graves, a science journalist for a city newspaper.

    Simak was a journalist so I would guess that he was heavily mining from his experience for the milieu. One curious aspect to the setting is that Simak never specifies the name of city in which this story is set. It feels like a mid-sized midwestern city. A novelist should pick a place to tell their story and tells us where that place is. Graves is a bit of a drunk and a misogynist.

    Simak does a terrific job conveying the dread that Graves feel as the alien invasion upends his sense of comfort and normalcy.

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    The room contracted to a cold place of gleaming light shattering on the shine of the laboratory bench and the sink and glassware, and I was a feebleness that stood there… As someone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, I can testify that this is an accurate description of what it feels like when panic begins. Instead these aliens who are also perhaps one alien that can subdivide and shapeshift take over the earth legally, by exploiting a weakness of our capitalist system of private industry, private property, and voluntary exchange.

    The aliens buy up private industries and private property but refuse to exchange what they buy for more money. And they do this in such a short amount of time and on such a grand scale that there is no where for anyone to go to find a place to live or a job to work.

    A truly terrifying scenario that Simak explores with aplomb! These aliens are a metaphor for business owners who only care about money and shareholder value. Simak makes this explicit in the book on page 41 in this quote from an old man who refuses to sell his business to the aliens: We look on business as a trust and privilege.

    These others only see it as a way of making money… But so long as we live, we stay here, serving the public as honorably as we can. For I tell you, sir, that business is more than just a counting of the profits. It is a chance for service, a chance to make a contribution. The world would be a better place if more businesspeople had this perspective. Sep 23, Paul Weiss rated it liked it Shelves: science-fiction.

    The buyers are coming! They Walked Like Men is standard s pulp fiction with an imaginative novel twist - a typical alien invasion scenario but the aliens are playing by earth's rules and the weapon is commerce! Parker Graves, a hard drinking journalist, seems to be one of only a handful of people on the planet who figure out the conspiracy. With an obvious focus on the soft sci-fi elements centred in small town America, They Walked Like Men is clearly vintage Simak output. In fact, the science is so soft as to be virtually non-existent and Simak seems to have let this novel's theme drift away from sci-fi, through fantasy and clearly into the realm of lightweight horror.

    And what would a Simak novel be without a sprinkling of his pithy, keen observations on life in general?

    Product description

    On customer service: "There are no manners in the world today, young man. There isn't any kindness. And no consideration. There's no such thing as thinking the best of one's fellowmen. The business world has become a bookkeeping operation, performed by machines and by men who are very like machines in that they have no soul.

    There is no honor and no trust I ain't the kind of guy that goes around spouting about communing with nature, but I tell you, friend, if you spent some time with her, you're a better man. Shaping the aliens into mobile bowling balls and converting them into tiny dolls when they weren't inhabiting a human form seemed merely juvenile to me and detracted from the development of a really snappy idea that could have been taken so much further in the hands of an acknowledged master such as Simak.

    Paul Weiss Algo parecido a servir caviar encima de una burda galleta de mantequilla holandesa. Lo que sucede y como sucede, puede que resulte divertido a ojos del lector, pero ensombrece la brillantez de la idea original. Aunque no se le puede negar una evidente capacidad de entretenimiento. Oct 11, Onur rated it liked it. Parker Graves, a journalist for a mid-sized newspaper in just such a city, stumbles late one night almost in a bizarre case: Prior to his apartment door someone has dug a hole and hid a animal trapping therein.

    As Graves wants to verify the installation, the case folds into a ball, rolling out of the house and disappear. Graves does not doubt his sanity, but can not provide evidence of his experience. He is silent, until he noticed other oddities: One equipped with endless funds dummy corporation Parker Graves, a journalist for a mid-sized newspaper in just such a city, stumbles late one night almost in a bizarre case: Prior to his apartment door someone has dug a hole and hid a animal trapping therein. He is silent, until he noticed other oddities: One equipped with endless funds dummy corporation buys in town all shops and houses in order to connect them to dismiss employees and to put tenants into the street.

    As Graves secretly procures intake in the office of this company, he came across a hole in the wall that leads to the stars, and finds deceptive similar dolls of people living large meet him in town. That an invasion of particularly insidious kind is in progress, confirmed him a talking dog, who also outs himself as extraterrestrial: The other aliens not conquer the earth, buying them. What will happen to the people who is indifferent to them; the resale of the planet on the galactic highest bidder is already fixed.

    After you came on to them, try the invaders Graves by keeping quiet corruption. Sham he goes on, as he searches for a way to warn mankind. Nobody listens to him, and the aliens are the "traitors" already hard and murderous on the heels, as Graves accidentally discovered their Achilles heel, which has just skunk shape.

    Who in the science-fiction literature knows a little about, will not be surprised that Clifford D. Simak his aliens Earth can not conquer with bristling spaceships and in the form of the infamous "bug eyed monster". These aliens prefer a more refined, tailored to their victim-centered approach. You have carefully studied the people and act according to an old proverb: "Money rules the world!

    In this way they do not have to use force. The aliens procure the wherewithal and buy the ground, which falls to them in this way even completely undamaged into the hands or tentacles. With the mild irony his characteristic describes Simak how smoothly this particular invasion works. Not with the threat of blood and murder, but with a contractual term transform the aliens in their victims compliant accomplices: They pay well and require silence on the each completed financial.

    A smart move, they can count on the greed of their clients: No one wants to spoil a trade that brings a lot of money. Until those affected finally register that their fellow human beings act well, it's too late: The aliens have the final say, and they have acquired legally and legally watertight. Simak is limited to a small part, when he describes the conquest of the Earth. The small, remains nameless city he chooses as a model-scene of what everywhere in the world is going on, he knows from his own experience. Parker Graves is an action adapted alter ego of the author, who spent more than three decades as a journalist.

    Consequently, one must suspect the city somewhere in the US Midwest. There it forms a self-contained microcosm, since globalization has been the time of our history still unimaginable as an invasion from outer space. Only under this premise, Simak history can comprehend really, because the modern reader no longer understands why the sell local shops and houses a community can literally move away the ground under his feet: was not only of US citizens Midwestern significantly home connected, and the home was one of the work place, which can often held the entire professional life.

    The invasion also benefit from a society that is also medially divided into quasi isolated single cells. In the nameless city only filtered news to come out of the great world, because the media are still far from being as present as today. Messages are noted but not internalized, if it does not affect the local environment. The war against the invaders precipitates at Simak.

    Although humans can not rely on the understanding factor, because the aliens are not capable of understanding the rules of the earthly coexistence, nor interested. But not ignorance and indifference are their undoing, because people are inversely unable to comprehend an invasion by sale. As the number of unemployed and homeless citizens increases, the cause of the crisis is not questioned.

    Instead, everyone is selfish own best friend, and the first survivalists are consistent with a firearms: The much-vaunted solidarity is mainly word of mouth. So it remains as is often left to the individual, altruistic jumping over the shadows and floating initiate the rescue against the general current.

    Parker Graves is anything but a superman. He is mistaken, gets into dead ends, seen too obtuse where even the reader has long been recognized as the wind blows or the Alien ball rolls. Nevertheless, it remains down to earth Graves US pioneer enough even necessary to resort to gun and to ward off his enemies in the name of humanity. On one point, the timeless convention freedom of our story ends: It is true that Simak the male protagonist a woman on the page, but this behaves time of origin compliant female: Always called Joy "girl", and although it necessary is their fighting spirit demonstrated sends Graves always return to the stage: A true man is fighting alone and protected his wife!

    The rescue comes this is also typical Simak not from the high-tech location city. The land and nature itself offers an anti-alien agents; man ought to know only to be discovered. Even H. Wells was so the surprising and logical resolution for his "War of the Worlds". This time there are no germs that bring the invaders death. Your salvation owes humankind the often disdained skunk whose smell exerts an uncontrollable temptation on the aliens. Are the friends of the "military science fiction" whether such slapstick anti-militancy tears come, but Simak rejects violence as a logical but unimaginative means to an end from without denying their existence by the way: The US government plans vindictive nuclear annihilation of helpless aliens become what Parkes Graves recognizes as unnecessary, without being able to change it probably.

    Apr 03, Joe Rodeck rated it really liked it.

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    Brilliant concept. Aliens are realtors buying up Earth, lot by lot, to sell. They're bowling balls who roll around together and can morph into any shape, any size. Is this girl going to kiss me? The enjoyable writing is bright and witty, kookily fitting in with the nightmare our hero has discovered. Five stars if he could have come up with a decent ending, but I won't give it away. Mar 12, Fantasy Literature added it.